Louisville Bicycle Club

History of the Louisville Bicycle Club

19th Century Photos from the Archives
Check out the cycling photos courtesy of the University of Louisville’s Photographic Archives.

The Beginning of the “Modern-Day” Louisville Wheelmen
Gil Morris and Bob Pluckebaum on the establishment of the “modern-day” Louisville Wheelmen, and the history of two annual rides the Wheelmen offers: The Old Kentucky Home Tour and the Leaf Festival Ride.

The Early Days
Tantalizing tidbits from old newspaper accounts of the heyday of bicycling—the late 19th century.

Bicycle Commuting in the Late 19th Century
Thousands of commuters on a typical morning, according to a 1897 newspaper account—and without gridlock, helicopter traffic reports, and multiple-vehicle pile-ups!

The Big Ride in 1897
Account of a 10,000-rider (that’s not a typo, it’s ten thousand) parade-carnival-ride and general mayhem.

A.D. “Pap” Ruff and the Wheelmen’s Bench
The story of Wheelmen’s Bench—located at Third St. and Southern Parkway (near Churchill Downs)—and its 100-years too-late dedication.

The Trials & Tribulations of the Turn-of-the-Century Cyclists
Close encounters with early automobiles and pedestrians and assorted road hazards awaited the early wheelmen (and wheelwomen).

Louisville Cycle Clubs (an article reprinted from The Courier-Journal, Sunday, August 9, 1896)
The comings and goings of Louisville’s bicycle clubs at the end of the 19th century.

Centennial Ride Sunday, September 28, 1997
A bike ride to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the big bike ride in 1897 and to rededicate the Ruff memorial. (See photos of the Centennial Ride.)

League of American Wheelmen 1896 Rally
Joe Ward takes a look back, 100 years back, to the last time the League of American Wheelmen held the National Meet in Louisville.

Bicycling in Louisville (an excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Louisville)New!
Joe Ward’s contribution to The Encyclopedia of Louisville about the history of bicycling in Louisville


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