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As announced at the Louisville Bicycle Club Banquet Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011, the club has begun tracking commuter activity of our members. As a club, we probably do more commuting by bicycle than you think. Any time you use your bicycle for a trip that you would otherwise use an automobile, you are a bicycle commuter. If you ride your bicycle to the bike shop for supplies, that's a commute. Ride to the grocery for a couple of boxes of Teddy GrahamsTM and a box of Cocoa PuffsTM? That's a commute. If you ride your bicycle to and from a club ride, that is a commute. One thing to keep in mind -


The webpage we're using for this activity is My Cycling Log:


The name of our group is Louisville Bicycle Club. To join, you have to register and click the join button. There is no charge to use My Cycling Log and there will be no club awards for this program. All commuting activity will be reported by the riders themselves. When you enter a ride, click the Tags "commute" and "CO2". By clicking on these tags, your ride will be added to the LBC total. The website calculates how much money has been saved in gasoline by commuting by bicycle and how much C02 we haven't put into the atmosphere. There is a box to the right side of the page that you can use to personalize each entry, where you went, what you did etc.

Every commuting mile counts. The 2 mile round trip to the store is just as important as the 20 mile daily trip to and from work. We hope you consider logging your bicycle commuting activity with our group. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a note at @louisvillebicycleclub.org.

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