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Q: Where can I ride with my children? What is the RiverWalk?
A: The RiverWalk is a dedicated multi-use path that runs from the new Waterfront Park to Shawnee Park. Actually, I guess it starts at the Belvedere, but you can now get there from the new playground at the Waterfront (just upriver from Joe's Crab Shack, etc.). It is all paved, car-free, and mostly flat. There's a second playground down near the McAlpine Locks [Lanham Park]. After the locks, the RiverWalk dips down to a street sidewalk to cross under the railroad, then returns to the path. The section between the railroad bridge and the Shawnee Golf Course can be mud-encrusted after heavy rains or high water episodes, but the city can be contacted to clean it up. That section is also a little remote and somewhat deserted on weekdays, but on weekends the entire path gets a lot of traffic. It's not near the East End, but the RiverWalk is a gem for the city, and great with small kids on bikes. Jane Anne Tyler

The one-way distance between the Belvedere and Shawnee Park is 6.2 miles.

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