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Q: Who can participate in LBC rides and events?
A: Unless it is explicitly stated otherwise, all LBC events and rides are open to everyone. For cycling events, a CPSC- or Snell-approved helmet is required along with, of course, a functioning bicycle. This is also stated on every monthly ride schedule.

Q: What are Dan Henrys?
A: They are white circles painted on the roads with a short line attached to indicate the direction of the upcoming turn (or continue straight).

Dan Henrys         OKHT Dan Henrys
One often sees variations of the original Dan Henry, utilizing differences in shapes and colors to distinguish marking for many different routes. One example is the renowned Old Kentucky Home Tour's route markings shown above (right). Duc M. Do

Q: Who is Dan Henry?
A: Dan Henry is a cyclist of some reknown and a long-time member of the League of American Bicyclists. He's widely credited with inventing and popularizing the road markers that bear his name. Originally from Pennsylvania, Dan Henry is now a resident of Southern California, where he is still very active in cycling.

In addition to his road markers, Dan Henry is remembered by long-time LAB members for his famous "stripping act." As part of a rollers-riding demonstration at rallies, he removed not just a jersey but also several other clothing items, including a pair of shorts. Naturally he had on two pairs for the occasion. compiled from kycyclist postings

For more information on Dan Henry: Reprinted article from the April 1995 issue of the SBBC's Quick Release. Reprinted with permission of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition.

Q: Can someone tell me about some route marks that I have seen in and around Cherokee Park? They are white circles with the numbers 1-4 in them, and a bar to indicate the turn direction.
A: They're the Dan Henrys for the various Bike Handling Class rides. There were, of course, four different routes, all about 15 miles in length. I don't know how well they have been maintained.

Before 1998, the rides used to start at Big Rock in Cherokee Park (where Cherokee meets Seneca Park). Since 1998, the Bike Handling Class series have been held at St. Matthews Elementary on Browns Lane, and the Dan Henrys have been changed accordingly. In any case, you can't get too lost if you follow them. Duc M. Do

Q: What are the basic safety considerations for cycling in groups?
A: Cycling is a great group activity. But it does require some common-sense precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of your fellow cyclists around you.

  • Keep other riders informed about vehicle traffic: by calling out "car up," "car back," "car left," and "car right" when you see vehicles approaching. This will alert other riders to be cautious and take appropriate actions.
  • Keep other riders informed about your actions: by calling out "on your left" when passing riders on their left (try not to pass on their right), or "braking" to alert riders behind you that you are slowing down. Also use the proper hand signals to indicate left and right turns.
  • Keep other riders informed about road hazards: by calling out and pointing to any road hazards such as holes, gravel, road kill, etc.

(These are excerpted from the Old Kentucky Home Tour safety tips.)

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