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Q: Does the LBC offer a class on bike maintenance?
A: Yes. Our Bike Maintenance classes are offered in the late winter, usually in February or March. Please check the Ride & Event schedule for the appropriate months to see when these classes are offered.

Q: How to improve shifting? How to adjust the derailleurs?
A: The drive system on a bicycle is fairly simple, if you don't let the seemingly complex-looking derailleurs intimidate you.

Read the Ten Steps to Better Shifting for a detailed guide to how to adjust the derailleurs.

Q: How to adjust the eccentric on a tandem (Cannondale)?
A: The Cannondale eccentric is a split wedge design which expands into the bottom bracket housing when the allen screw is tightened. Unfortunately in most instances you can’t just loosen the allen and expect to turn the assembly with a spanner due to friction. Two methods used are:

  1. Loosen the allen bolt to a point where it extends beyond the surrounding metal and lightly tap it with a hammer.
  2. Remove the allen bolt and insert a shorter one from the other side with a large washer. The washer should be large enough to span over the small part of the split mechanism resting on the larger part and the frame housing around the assembly. Tightening this will slide the wedge to loosen the assembly.

Personally I do not like using option number one. I would recommend removing the assembly from the frame and lightly grease all mating surfaces and the outside before reassembly.

I’m sure there are other methods which may work equally well. — Charlie Myer

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