Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- January-February 1995

Advocacy Programs Update

by Earl Jones

Kentucky Bicycle Commission: Just as we were preparing to go to press, we learned that Brad Swope, club member and organizer of Bike Fest '95, had been appointed by Governor Brereton Jones to the state Bicycle Commission. The Commission is responsible for ensuring that bicycling is properly considered in relevant state programs, from transportation policy to promotion of tourism in the Commonwealth. Brad is the second member of the Club (Frank Coryell is also a member) to serve on the Commission. Congratulations to Brad. Let's all support him by making sure he has the information he needs to advocate the Club's and national cycling issues.

Jefferson County planning activities: The Cornerstone 2020 planning process, an effort to develop a comprehensive plan to guide development in the next century, is moving ahead pretty much on schedule. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, a component element of the plan, was recently approved by the Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA) and incorporated into the overall regional plan. Club member Jay Homola, Vice Chairman of the 2020 Mobility Committee, served as Chairman of the group which prepared the plan. Yours truly, also a Vice Chairman of the Committee, serves as Chairman of the group now compiling a Mobility Strategy for the County which is also to be incorporated into the comprehensive plan. Membership of this group is very diverse (Emily Boone is a member) and already the divisions between development and other interests is becoming a factor.

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