Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- January-February 1995

From the President . . .

by Adrian Freund

Bicyclists love to ride (and eat)! When I joined the Wheelmen just three years ago, I joined to ride. Most of you only see the riding, and occasional the eating aspects of the club. But behind the scenes, thousands of hours of hard work are done by those who volunteer their timeóthe officers, the ride captains, the Old Kentucky Home Tour Committee, the Racing Team and countless others. Without the volunteers, programs involving rides, advocacy and education would be impossible. As I assume the presidency, I am becoming increasingly aware of the scope and scale of the club activities. Gee, they didn't tell me about this when I said 'yes'!

We all owe sincere thanks to the outgoing Executive Committee members and president Jim Tretter. Jim's steady hand, supported by seasoned officers, laid a firm foundation for the future. Jim's special concerns for the club's financial records allow us to manage and plan in a much more business-like manner. We need to build on that base as we develop a systematic approach to planning and budgeting the annual activities of the Wheelmen.

I look forward to another year of great rides and, the reinstatement of Tour de Parks (a.k.a. Bikefest) and increased unification of all club activities and programs. "Working Together" should be our guiding motto as we develop a well-rounded program for all cyclists. As our by-laws state: "maintaining a diversity of programs is a source of our strength: tourists, racers, commuters and casual riders together to form one club." The club needs your support, and I need your time and talents. There are big and little jobs to be done. If you want to contribute your talents in planning and organizing, budgeting or other areas, please drop me a note at the club's post office box or leave me a message on my phone.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year!
Adrian Freund

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