Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- January-February 1995

Club to Promote Six Races in '95

by Albert Linder

The number of racing events promoted by the Louisville Wheelmen has increased in recent years. This year is another indication of the vitality of our club and the willingness of its members to work of bicycling.

In 1990 we were sponsoring four training races. 1991 saw the promotion of the first Tour de Parks and 1992 brought the addition of the Indiana-Kentucky District Championship Road Race. In 1995 we plan to host a full bill of six races.

The Spring Racing Series will be ten races between March 11 and April 8. The Bluegrass Wheelmen from Lexington will promote two of the races and Rapid Transit Racing Team of Clarksville will promote four races, as will the Louisville Wheelmen. While each of the clubs conducts its own races we consolidate some of the purchasing and publicity to contain expenses. Our club's races are scheduled for March 11 and 12. They will again be held at Fisherville and Long Run.

The District Championship Road Race is scheduled at L'Esprit for June 24. This will be a great event. The best riders will race for more than a hundred miles and there will be a feed zone for handing up food and fluids to the riders as they ride. This adds to the fun for spectators who cheer the competitors and talk bicycle for the five hours of the longest race.

Finally, we plan to promote Tour de Parks on September 10 as part of Bikefest '95. This is a huge undertaking, attracting more than 300 racers and 3000 spectators in 1993. This event and our Bardstown Ride are the clubs biggest undertakings, requiring much coordinated work among our members. The grand scale of these events do more to promote bicycling in our community than any other single activity.

Mark your calendars and look forward to these events. Plan to take part as a spectator or volunteer in these club promotions. There will be tours, recreational rides, bonus mileage, and food planned as part of each of our race promotions. There is something for everybody. See you at the races!

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