Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- January-February 1995

Touring Report

by Barry Bennett

Well here it is smack dead in the middle of winter, so cold and nasty outside who could think of bike riding? Although we have scheduled rides for Wednesday mornings, Saturday and Sunday through out January & February we have to face the facts and admit that sometimes it is just too cold to ride! Here's hoping we'll get lucky this winter and get more opportunities to ride!

I would like to welcome the four new Ride Captains who will be leading rides for the first time in the next two months! Why not make 1995 the year you help the club out by leading a ride? It's not as hard as you would think and a lot of fun too! I would like to thank all the ride captains who volunteer their time for these cold winter rides. It takes dedication and a hearty soul to lead rides when the temperature is in the 30's & 40's!

Sign-up Sheets
We are still having trouble with some ride captains using the old 36-name sign-up sheets, instead of the newer and much preferred 24-line sheets. If you need any new sheets please give me a call at 231-0081 and I will gladly mail you several of them. Help save the sanity of our beloved statisticians Dave and Carol Leist!

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