Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- March-April 1995

Club Leadership Seminar Addresses Sate-wide Advocacy Issues

by Earl Jones

Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission

Keith Logsdon, Chairman of the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission, and fellow Commissioners Ben Bishop and Roger Cottrell, reported on the activities of the Commission since its creation in 1992. Two Commissioners are Louisville Wheelmen members: Frank Coryell, a member since 1993, and Brad Swope, who was just appointed.

Among the accomplishments of the Commission to date include the adoption of administrative regulations on safety and use of the roads by cyclists which have been issued by the state Department of Transportation. An example of the improvements made was the clarification that horns were not required on bicycles, that bells or shouts will suffice. Keith also reported that the statewide mapping project was almost completed. Commissioned by the Tourism and Transportation Cabinets, the maps will be included in packets sent to cyclists and others interested in vacationing in the state.

Future Commission projects will include publication of a pamphlet and other materials aimed at educating motorists on the need to share the road with cyclists; development of a state bicycle (transportation) plan; and sponsorship of a statewide bicycle tour through state parks, similar to Indianaís TRIRI.

The Commissions urged Kentucky clubs to support the Commissionís efforts to improve the profile of cycling in the state and to ensure our continued access to the road.

Statewide Bicycle Coalition

Creating a statewide coalition of Kentucky bicycle clubs has been discussed for several years, plans were laid at the CLS for exploration of the idea. Taking off on the possibility that 1996 may see the establishment of a statewide cycling tour of state parks, the attendees agreed to explore whether support and promotion of such a tour could provide a common focus for clubs around the state and an opportunity to explore other common interests and objectives, such as creation of a coalition to promote advocacy of cycling interests in Frankfort and education programs throughout the state.

The Bluegrass Wheelmen has been requested to host these exploratory talks, and if the club agrees discussions will continue in Lexington on May 26 at the Horsey Hundred Tour. BBC will issue invitations to the leadership of all the clubs around the state.

Our Executive Committee will consider supporting this action at its next meeting, if approved volunteers will be sought to work on the project.

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