Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- March-April 1995

Touring Report

by Barry Bennett

O'boy, O'boy, O'boy it's spring time! My favorite time of the year! It isnít because the winter chill is finally leaving us or the birds happily singing or even the beauty of all the flowers and trees. No, it's my favorite time of the year because it's bike riding time again!!! So if you're not some of the few members of the club who has blue legs, red noses, and frozen toes, then it's time to dust off the cobwebs and dust bunnies from your bikes and get ready for another fun-packed season of great rides!!!

Early Spring Weeknight Rides: At the request of several club members, the touring committee will have weeknight rides in April this year. While May has usually been the month for starting the weeknight rides, we felt we could put on a few rides in April. So, the first week in April is going to have one ride (Wednesday night), the second week two rides (Tuesday & Thursday) and the final week three rides (Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday).

Awards & Touring guidelines update: At the January Touring Committee meeting the awards and guidelines were reviewed and revised. At this time I would like to go over the awards the club gives out at the annual banquet in November to make clear the rules for members who will be competing for the various jerseys & awards. Jersey awards are earned between March 1st through September 30.

Yellow Jersey
Awarded to male & female members with highest club mileage. Can repeat after a five-year lay-off.
Blue Jersey
Available to male & female members 50 years of age or older with highest mileage who aren't in the running for the yellow. A two-year lay-off after winning blue or yellow is required.
Veterans Service Award
Winner of previous yellow or blue jersey (after two years) who has provided excellent service to the touring program.
Juniors Award
Top young rider (under 18) with highest mileage. Must actually participate in pedaling the bicycle.
Frequent Rider Award
Members who ride a specific number of rides (as determined by the Touring Committee) but get less than 1,000 miles in the year will receive a patch this year.
Ride Captain of the Year
The ride captain who leads the best rides in a season and does a good all around job.
Ride Captain Awards
Red jersey for a specific number of rides led in a season.

Goals for 1995 season: This year the touring committee hopes to have the best season ever! At the January touring committee meeting we put forth 10 goals for the upcoming season. Let me list them with a brief explanation after each one:

  1. Try to have a 30/60/100 or some type of multiple ride every weekend in the heart of the season. These rides should serve all members, but are hard to have considering the need for more than one ride captain.
  2. Sign up new ride captains. This is an ongoing goal for the club with the need for ride captains always in the demand.
  3. More rides with themes. Such as the Tour de Gil's (with several already scheduled), club picnics, watermelon Wednesdays, etc.
  4. Accident free season. The need to think & act safely at all times cannot be stressed enough!
  5. Down hill or flat century. An easy 100-mile ride for riders attempting their first century.
  6. Different starting points for the rides, another ongoing goal for the club, perhaps with new ride captains different starting locations will emerge.
  7. More overnight rides. We need more dedicated people to put these together.
  8. More pacing or mileage. Try to have different distances such as 80 or 75 mile rides.
  9. More invitational rides.
  10. More **new riders welcome rides, also some slow-'n-easy rides.
We will be working hard on these goals as the season progresses. Why not give us a hand in making all 10 of these goals come to be? While Iím on the subject on helping out and volunteering, I sometimes wonder what would happen if the roughly 10 percent of the club that give their precious time would suddenly quit? What if there was no OKHT committee? Or no officers to oversee all the little details that seldom get noticed by most of our members? No Touring Committee or the ride captains to put on the 300 or so rides each year? Why not make this the season to get out and help the club out? A real good way to start out would be to volunteer to be a ride captain. Listed below are the top 10 reasons to be a ride captain in 1995!


  1. Meet new riders who ride in the back!
  2. Probably won't get lost if you've marked your own ride!
  3. Get your name on ride schedule!
  4. Do ten rides in one year & get cool red jersey at the awards banquet in November!
  5. Can tell people "where to go" at start of ride!
  6. Get name in Courier Journal's recreational calendar on Fridays!
  7. Looked up to by new members!
  8. Can ride in rear of the group with no excuse for being slow!
  9. Make cool marks on pavement (Dan Henry's)!
  10. Interesting telephone calls!
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