Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- March-April 1995

INFORMATION CENTER -- (502) 329-1848

by Amy Johannemann

A special thanks goes out to Voice-Tel of Kentucky, one of the Louisville Wheelmen Racing Team's newest sponsors. They have agreed to provide us with a phone messaging system for the next year that will benefit both the racing team and the touring club. By dialing one phone number, you can now receive touring information, racing information, coaching information, or leave messages for any of the three. That phone number will also be listed in the White Pages and Yellow Pages of the Telephone Books.

This allows the Racing Team and the Touring Club to get information out to its members on a daily basis. If one ever needs to know where or when a ride is, just call 329-1848. If the weather is bad and you want to know if the ride is canceled or not, just call 329-1848. For a list of upcoming events, call 329-1848. A number of people have already started taking advantage of this new system, and I encourage everyone to call this number and try it out. If you would like some information that is not on the message, leave your name, phone number and a message, and someone will get back to you with that information.

Thanks, Voice-Tel, for the communication connection that will be very valuable to both the Racing team and Touring Club.

For more information on Voice-Tel, provider of Voice Messaging Network, call (502) 423-5400, or fax to (502) 423-0798.

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