Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- May-June 1995

Bicycle Commuting -- Sure It's Good, But Why?

by Don Williams

This year the Touring Committee has instituted a Commuting Award for our members. The rules are not set in concrete and a formula is yet to be finalized but another active segment of our sport is now an active part of our club program.

Members new to the club will recognize people like David Ryan or Emily Boone as bicycle commuters or as advocates for commuting, but, believe me, other members have set an example that will be hard to equal, not just this year, but for years to come.

Joe Ward has cycled several times around the globe in his daily commutes. Stewart Prather must be close behind. Both of these "old-timers" can still be seen coming down Frankfort or Main in dress clothes on their way to work.

So why commute by bike? For me at least, the list of "pros" is interesting. Relieving stress is tops on the list. Gas savings - in only 5 days of commuting from J-town, my total mileage has eclipsed 94's total of 20 trips already, (30 miles each day vs. 5 miles in 94) with a net savings of almost 13 gallons of gasoline.

St. Matthews and Cherokee Park remain a great excuse to ride in. Traffic is light, and ducks in Beargrass Creek quack back in the early morning quiet of the park. A great way to start the day - bike commuting days start earlier for me, locating cycling clothes, early departure etc. and sunrise is spectacular, but rarely witnessed on drive-in days.

Bike-to-Work Day is May 16th. See you on the road!

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