Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- May-June 1995

Bike Handling Classes & Rides

by Mary Margaret Williams

Once again it's that wonderful time of the year when cyclists seem to come out of the woodwork in order to begin yet another great bike season. What better way to start the season off right than to attend the Bike Handling Classes that start the Monday after Derby Day (May 8). They will be held again in Cherokee Park at Big Rock. However, this year look for some changes in the classes as the Education Committee continues to work hard on enhancing the program to better meet the needs of our members and new riders.

The skill classes held at E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park wil be offered again this summer. See the May '95 training and development ride schedule and the June '95 training and development ride schedule for the classes being held on Thursday evenings. Look here for further details.

So whether you are just now getting out or have been riding all winter long, join us on Monday evenings in May, June, July, and August for the Bike Handling Classes and Rides.

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