Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- May-June 1995

Spring Race Series -- Successful Events

by Albert Linder

The Spring Racing Series, promoted by the Louisville Wheelmen and the Southern Indiana Wheelmen Rapid Transit Racing Team, consisted of eight races over four weekends in March and April. We picked the right weekends this year! The weather was outstanding and seventy to ninety racers turned out for the early racing action.

Club members turned out for the action, too. We had many volunteers to provide for safe and efficient events. We were successful in raising more than $500 for the club treasury as well as promoting bicycling activities in our area.

Those who made this possible were the Wheelmen volunteers. Look at how many of our club members helped:

Amy Johannemann, Cheryl Wasmer, Marge Johannemann, Debbie Coffman, Bill Johannemann, Barbara Berman, Eric Vogt, Rob Evans, Lauren Staples, Kathy Faulker, David Spitler, Jim Wells, Scott Shelton and Mike Purcell.

Rory Whitaker, Marge Johannemann, Amy Johannemann, David Spitler, Butch, Jennifer Hare, Edd Johannemann, Rachael Spitler, Rusty Sexton, Rob Evans and Mike Sanchez.

Joy Haswell, Jim Haswell, Walter Lay, Linda Carr, Cheryl Wasmer, Bill Johannemann, Joseph Kipp, Marge Johannemann, Tammy Kipp, Chris Mayhew, Jennifer Fuhrman, Adrian Freund, Norman Minnick, Lauren Staples, Paul Battle, Sonny Neurath, Rory Whitaker, Amy Johannemann, Marilyn Minnick and David Spitler.

Amy Johannemann, Marilyn Minnick, Rory Whitaker, Hockensmith, Penny Johnson, Tammy Kipp, Bill Johannemann, Barbara Berman, Todd Powers, Terry Sullivan, Nancy, and David Spitler.

Special thanks to Amy Johannemann for coordinating all the financial transactions, Rory Whitaker for organizing the race numbers and coordinating registration, Bill Johannemann for getting out early to put up signs and sweeping the corners, and David Spitler for doing whatever needed to be done.

Our club once again provided some of the best racing in the area thanks to the commitment of our membership to pull together. Nobody does better races than The Louisville Wheelmen.

“THANK YOU!” to all who made these events such a success.

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