Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- May-June 1995

Racing Team's Corporate Support

by David Spitler

The Racing Team would like to welcome two new sponsors for the 1995 season. Endura Sports Drinks has agreed to support the team with some donated product and a dollars off product deal and Subway (Sandwich Shops) has agreed to became a water bottle sponsor. We are proud and pleased to add these two fine companies to our sponsor list.

The day when we could run the Racing Team without corporate support has long since passed. Our sponsors provide 95% of the dollars which the Racing Team spends to support its activities during the year, in addition to providing product deals of various types to benefit team members.

Corporate support is becoming increasingly important to the club as a whole. The local bike shop support for Louisville Wheelmen events over the years has been nothing short of spectacular. This year, Merrick Printing Co. agreed to support our newsletter and we have the support of Voice-Tel for our club "Info Center"--something which we have wanted for a long, long time. Moreover, as the officers go through the budget process, it becomes obvious that any serious expansion of our programs in the area of education and advocacy will probably require corporate support as well.

As our relations with the business community grow, it will become more necessary than ever for Louisville Wheelmen members to be conscious of this support. When we deal with bike shop owners, it is important to them that we urge our members to buy bicycles and parts locally and that we do not support mail order companies. It is important to Neil Llewellyn, the man who got us the Power Bar sponsorship, that we buy that product from local bicycle dealers (not from mail order or through supermarkets). Please check the ads of supporting corporations in this newsletter and support the companies who support us whenever possible.

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