Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- May-June 1995

Touring Report

by Barry Bennett

Well, here we are two months into the new season and the race is on for the various jerseys that are awarded at the annual banquet in November! These include the Yellow (most miles for male & female), Blue (most miles by our senior members 50 years young as of March 1) and the Juniors award (most miles by members under the age of 18). With the April weeknight rides (first time this year) and all the centuries (thanks to the great work of the Touring Committee) I look for a record number of miles this year!

Speaking of centuries, why not make this the year you join the "Century Club"? It only takes five one-hundred-mile rides to join! And in November you get a cool looking round patch with a year chevron below it. Last season the club was a little light on centuries and mileage in general. But what a turnaround the Touring Committee has made! Starting in May there's four on the schedule and a whopping five in June! So one could conceivably get into the Century Club in one month. Why there's even a flat century scheduled on Mother's Day. What a great time to get your feet wet with your first one. Earl Jones will be the ride captain on the "Honest Abe" going to Hodgenville. Hopefully the Touring Committee will come up with more flat centuries before the season's up.

Awards update:
A new award was established and another one that was revised was revised again at the Touring Committee in March. The new award is going to be the "Commuting Award". This award will be given to the club member who best promotes the bicycle as an alternate means of transportation. This will be based on the number of miles one commutes to work and for running errands. Also, the number of days and trips one uses their bicycle as a different means of transportation. Anyone competing for this award will have to submit a log of their miles and trips to the Touring Committee, who will in turn vote for the winner. The award will run from January thru October 31. You will not be able to win this award "back to back". A gift certificate to a local bike shop will be given to the winner, so start filling out those logs today!

The Juniors award that was changed in January has been changed again. With much thought and discussion, the part that was added (in January) about actually pedaling one's bike was deleted. At the November banquet, perhaps two youth awards will be given out this year. This was one of the toughest decisions the Touring Committee had to make this year! For more information or discussion on this please give me a call (231-0081) or holler at me on the next ride.

I now have available the new Touring Program and Ride Captain Instructions and Guidelines for anyone interested in them.

Ride changed:
On the bottom of April's ride schedule there is a ride for May 7th that has been canceled. Please refer to the May-June schedule for the proper ride and location.

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