Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- May-June 1995

Now, the "Twilight" Zone . . .

by Don Williams

Last time, remember, the basics of heart rate training and monitoring were briefly discussed.

Mary Margaret and I continue to enjoy our newly-found training knowledge, but as usual, there are almost always additions to established training regimens in our club, the Louisville Wheelmen.

In addition to MHR, RHR, and WHR (Max., Resting, Waking), I submit for your approval the following additional abbreviations to be used in a comprehensive training program to improve one's cycling prowess. They are as follows:

"Rolling Over Heart Rate"
"Tying My Shoes Heart Rate"
"Dog Goes Out Middle Of The Night Heart Rate"
"Where's My Heart Rate?" (used at work on a sub-resting rate day)
"Get Spitler Away From Me Heart Rate." (He interferes with others' wireless transmissions)
Earl Jones experiences the We're "Changing The By-Laws Heart Rate"
Kevin Clay experiences the "Eat Pork For Health Heart Rate" when piggin' out on Bubba's BBQ.
Bill Pustow uses the "I Can Pass Anong Heart Rate" as they ride stationary trainers, side-by-side.
and last but not least:
"Roll Me Over I'm Done Heart Rate," when I find out what 60 seconds above Zone 5 feels like.
Remember, if this makes no sense, a new batch of knowledgeable individuals learned new training techniques this year, Bike handling Classes should briefly touch on the subject, and Effective Cycing Instructors will be on hand to help all club members improve their enjoyment of the sport.

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