Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- July-August 1995

Aurilla Lesley Triumphs at Senior Olympics

by Barbara Berman

Do you think you are too old for major competition? Are you 55 years of age or older and tired of competing against cyclists who are half or quarter your age? Think again and set your sites on the Senior Olympics as 62 year old Aurilla Lesley has done. These game occur every two years with state qualifying races in the even years. Age categories are in five year increments starting at age 55 for both men and women in eighteen different sports. For cyclists there are four time trial events—10K and 5K on the first day, 20K and one mile on the second.

This was Aurilla’s second Senior Olympics and she won three gold medals in the 10K, 5K and one-mile on a hilly course near San Antonio, Texas. With times of 18:10, 9:15 and 2:58 respectively, only two out of a field of eighty had times under three minutes for the one mile. Aurilla also won a silver in the 20K with a time of 37:41. This year's medals should come as no surprise, two years ago Aurilla won two silvers and two bronze medals. Aurilla is a very dedicated athlete and followed a training schedule designed by her coach Barbara Berman. From January until the start of the event on May 20, she rode a total of 2800 miles including interval workouts twice a week.

Aurilla isn’t resting on her laurels but is looking ahead to future events. The rest of the year includes the Masters National at the end of July in Nashville, Tennessee; the Master World Bike Races Week; and the USCF Masters World Championship in Ayrd, Australia in mid-August.

Aurilla encourages all cyclists and other athletes to participate in the Senior Olympics for not only the athletic and social aspects but the fun of the games. The May 1997 Senior Olympics will be held in Tucson, Arizona (qualifying races will take place in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, in September 1996). Call Aurilla Lesley for information on the Senior Olympics at (502) 267-7314. Coaching help is always available to Louisville Wheelmen members. Call the VOICE-TEL Louisville Wheelmen information line at (502) 329-1848 and leave a message on extension 3.

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