Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- July-August 1995

Bike Handling Classes on a Roll

by Mary Margaret Williams

Big Rock bike handling classes are rolling with tremendous turn outs averaging 55+ riders each Monday night! Levels of experience range from novice to experienced including members of the racing team who recover on Monday nights.

We were fortunate to have two City of Louisville's Bike Patrol Officers as guest speakers during one of our early sessions, thanks to Norm and Marilyn Minnick. The bike cops talked about the laws of the road as they relate to cyclists and reinforced the fact that cyclists are considered vehicles of the road and must ride accordingly, stopping at all stop signs and red lights, riding on the right side of the road, and complying with all other traffic rules.

Even more excitement for bike handling classes, when promo director of the racing team, Steve Kauffman, contacted Louisville Tonight Live and, as a result the Wheelmen were featured on their show! We had a great time with 75 riders that evening! Thanks goes to Steve for his work and all those who participated.

Thursdays in July and August we will have joint rides with the Racing Team's program known as "Skills Drills and Thrills" at E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park where the more experienced cyclist can work to reach a higher level of handling skills including riding in a paceline, or accident avoidance while on a ride. These rides are intended to assist us in improving our techniques in emergency situations, practicing under controlled conditions and supervision, to improve our group riding. In addition to the July rides, these rides are ongoing throughout the summer and can be found on the racing team's training schedule.

Other cyclists who prefer to ride that evening and not participate in the skills drills, are more than welcome to come and just do the ride.

If you would like more information on bike handling classes, skills drills, or other developmental ride classes feel free to call me at 267-4477; Dave Spitler at 458-2094; Edd Johannemann at 367-3430 or VOICE-TEL 329-1848 to leave a message.

Have a safe cycling summer.

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