Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- July-August 1995

Mt. Washington Spring Ride Washes Out

by Jim Tretter

The Louisville area experienced one of the wettest weekends ever on May 13-14. Unfortunately, this was the weekend that the Mt. Washington community scheduled their festival celebration in which the Wheelmen were to offer a 10/20/50-mile bike tour. Duc Do mapped out and marked a beautiful route, which kicked off the parade through the center of town and would have appealed to both beginners and experienced riders as well. Brenda Palmer and Barbara Tretter procured all the SAG goodies, supplies and helpers guaranteeing a winning event with fun for all. Joe Wantland interacted with the local community to meet our needs for sponsorship, port-o-lets, starting point and SAG locations, etc. Mary Margaret Williams organized the Education Committee to display a bicycle education exhibit in town during the afternoon. Jim Tretter designed a brochure and the team circulated and publicized the event. Saturday morning all plans emerged as approximately 20 volunteers assembled at the Mt. Washington Elementary School ready to execute after four months of preparation....

Then there was rain, thunder & lightning... And it did not stop.

This presented a very discouraging moment. Our ride was ruined, Mt. Washington canceled their parade and a downpour replaced the festival. In spite of the planning and precautions taken, some factors are just uncontrollable.

Thanks to the planning committee named above for all their hard work and all the volunteers for this event. Maybe next year the weather will be a little more cooperative.

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