Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- July-August 1995

Old Kentucky Home Tour Update

by Don Williams

It's old, it's new, it's OKHT for this year. So much fun, it's scary! (Remember that line). It's Sept. 16–17.

FOOD? – You bet it’s gonna be great. Chris Cakes is definitely on for breakfast this year. After his first no-show in ten years, (us, of course) a cook is coming in from nearby Columbus to do breakfast on Sunday.

SAG FOOD – without a doubt Brenda Palmer has never done anything halfway and our SAGs are no exception. If you don't gain weight on this ride, see a doctor — you're sick!

SATURDAY NIGHT SCHOOL STUFF – A new format is planned this year with a quick trip to the auditorium for slides, then on to a livelier setting at party central. Interactive entertainment amidst door prize distribution will help us get to know folks that we only see once a year.

JERSEYS? – All-new design this year, and it looks like there will be enough selections available to please everyone. Sublimated four-color down to silk screened cotton tees.

COST – Still the most reasonable overnight tour on the planet — and beyond. If only I could find those figures, we would print the entry fees now. Oh well, maybe next issue.

PARKING – Next door to last year’s starting point with over 400 parking spaces!

VOLUNTEERS? – We could use a few. On our wish list at press time:

School food coordinator
to oversee the school's cooking team for pasta prep, or hire a caterer. The world is your oyster but don't feed me any for dinner. You can feed the masses working with a lot more than two loaves and three fishes.
Scare up some door prizes from local shops and vendors, line up dog-and-pony shows, express yourself to line up entertainment for the crowd.
Luggage Transport
Dreamed of life on the road? Try it out by driving the truck to Bardstown. Never driven a truck? now that's scary!
Volunteers receive really neat free stuff and endless recognition and gratitude of the riders, the club, the community, the nation....

This year's committee is headed up by Kevin Clay with Gail signing on to run the books. Their number is 254-9850.

Your out-of-town friends, who aren't close enough friends to stay at your house on Friday night, will have access to limited primitive camping in our backyard. It's the perfect weekend for it, our neighbors will think it’s part of Gaslight Festival, and we'll be sure to get everyone up early enough to sign in and ride out on Saturday morning.

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