Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- July-August 1995

The Ozone — Oh No!

by Don Williams

Okay, the Courier Journal reported our ozone problems over Memorial Day weekend and it doesn't look good for the future of . . .Grass Cutting!

This ozone problem opens a pandora’s box of problems for us as a bicycle club. We putter around in cars mostly, spraying marks on county roads, and now the paper tells us this is a no-no. If the car is not up to snuff it’s bad enough for the “bad” ozone, but any form of propellant (i.e. paint can) is also bad for the “good ozone.” We drive 20 miles to a starting point to ride 25 miles, we're going to have to figure a way to do this club thing better.

No more hair spray or deodorant. We could go for days with really bad hair and just imagine drafting in a group of non-deodorant indulgent sweaty cyclists.

So, to be safe, two trips to work a week by bike may save enough in ozone pollution to take a swipe at the grass at home. Finally, manicured lawns may be the current, legitimate cause to promote bicycle commuting.

The bonuses of this ozone thing, if there are any, are also clear, grass cutting will be minimized, painting with smelly alkyd paints will disappear and I for one, really hate painting. Even with a gas mask on, commuting still would be more fun than a boring five-day-a-week drive to work. Think about it!

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