Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- July-August 1995

From the President . . .

by Adrian Freund

Have you been to our Monday night rides at Cherokee Park? Thanks to Don and Mary Margaret Williams and numerous volunteers, the rides have brought out young and old, new and veteran members and an amazing assortment of two-wheeled equipment. Youíll see Schwinn Varsities and marvel at the fluid movements of Duc and Paula Do as they maneuver that awesome Cannondale tandem replete with trailer. Youíll learn safe cycling techniques and enjoy a friendly ride at your own pace. So come and join us and tell your friends about a great way to spend Monday evening. For more information on all our rides, including an increasing number of 15-mile events, call our information center sponsored by Voice-Tel of Kentucky at 329-1848.

The Executive Committee has been hard at work getting the business affairs of the Wheelmen in order. After much debate, the Executive Committee approved a 1995 calendar year budget that features a modest expansion of services in education and touring. The Executive Committee realizes that new services to attract new members and retain existing members will require more revenues. Thus, the Committee recommends the first dues increase in many years. The new dues structure is $15.00 for individuals and $20.00 for families (current dues are $12.00 and $15.00 through December 31). Those dues are still a bargain compared to most clubs and support the costs of a great newsletter, one of the strongest touring schedules in the country, and many other services.

One of my key interests is stimulating growth of the club and its services. Recently, I appointed a membership committee chaired by Jim Preston. The membership committee has delivered its first report and gathered some important data for the Executive Committee. Jim and the other members surveyed over 140 individuals who did not renew their membership last year. One of the committeeís top findings is the need for more 10- and 15-mile social rides. Iíll share other findings with you as the Executive Committee reviews the membership report. My goal for club membership is 1000 by 1997 (our 100th anniversary). Thatís a big increase from our current level of approximately 600, but I believe we can achieve it!

Iíll see you at the General Membership Meeting on July 9!

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