Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- July-August 1995

Touring Report

by Barry Bennett

As we enter the “HOT” part of the season, I’m looking over the upcoming schedule for July and August and what a “HOT” time we're in for!!! I see we have two Tour de Gil’s on the menu, various cook-outs, “TACKY” and “WACKY”, Fruit Rides, the BOXER SHORTS ride, the new “Skills Drills and Thrills” rides in July, Euphoric 150, a Triathlon (Bike Swim & Eat), an overnight ride, and the Louisville Wheelmen's Picnic. WOW!! what a schedule! Looks like a little something for everyone. Kevin and Gail Clay even have a ride with five different mileages and two different terrains! This ride should accommodate every member of the club.

Safety – It seems we've had a rash of accidents recently. Though I know of only one that required medical attention, the others were quite serious and could have been a lot worse. Please, let’s everyone use their head for more than holding our helmet on, and think safety at all times! Also remember during spells of hot weather it's important to consume great amounts of water before, during, and after the ride!

How about that Touring Committee? Last year it was brought to the Touring Committee’s attention that there were not enough centuries on the schedule. As of last count we’ve had over fifteen so far this year. Another item was that all the markings on the roads were getting confusing, with mostly white Dan Henrys going in every direction. Again a positive response from our Ride Captains. Now some of the intersections look like alphabet soup with every color of the rainbow! Also some members wanted more theme and food rides. Now there are too many food rides to count, one being the Great Pancake ride Larry Hammer put on in May!

A big round of applause for all the ride captains who put on rides in May and June:

9 Rides - Kevin & Gail Clay, Don & Mary Margaret Williams
5 Rides - Bill & Anong Pustow
4 Rides - Duc & Paula Do
3 Rides - Ed Akers, David Runge, Joseph Kipp
2 Rides - Barry Bennett, Bill & Marge Johannemann, Earl Jones , Rick Singleton, Todd Childers, Jack & Sherry McLaughlin, Jay Palmer, Rory Whitaker
1 Ride - Emily Boone, Larry Cobb, Adrian Freund, Jim Preston, Donald Slayton, Frank Coryell, Gil Morris, Larry Hammers, Alison Ewart, Len Ferryman, Paul Battle, Albert Linder, Sonny Neurath, Jim Tretter

AWOL – As some of you may (or may not) have noticed I've been on a lot less rides the last part of May and June. My personal life (planning a wedding, selling one house, building another and working overtime) has really cut into my riding time. But if anyone wants to schedule a ride, or needs sign-up and release forms or spray paint feel free to call me at 231-0081 and I'll see you get whatever items you might need. Also, I can see as my mileage decreases my weight and stress levels increase, so as soon as I get all of this behind me I hope to be back on the road in full force!

Upcoming rides of note:

July 1, 165-mile “TACKY” across the state
July 2, Lunch & Punch
July 6, Euphoric 150
July 9, Pedal & Paddle
July 12, Tour de Gil
July 15, Frankfort Century
July 16, BWB 30/60/100
July 22, Annual Taylorsville Lake Ride
July 23, BOXER SHORTS Ride
August 2, Triathlon — bike, swim and eat
August 4, Friday night cook-out at the Freund's
August 5, 15/25/50/100/150 Did we leave anyone out?
August 12, “Around the Lake” (Taylorsville)
August 19, 30/65/110-mile Rory’s Original Crestwood Station Killer
August 20, Louisville Weelmen's Picnic & Ride
August 26, “WACKY” across the state — again!
August 30, Tour de Gil

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