Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- September-October 1995

Effective Cycling Program Revamp

by Dave Spitler

If you are a member of the League of American Bicyclists, you may have read that the Effective Cycling program is being revamped. The current all-inclusive (or less than all-inclusive, depending on how you look at it) course will be broken up into modules which can be more easily taught. At the present time, plans call for Road Modules I, II and III, a commuting module, off-road module, two kids’ modules and Club Leadership. Each module will be rolled out as soon as the curriculum and manuals are completed for it.

No final decision has been made, but it seems likely that currently certified Effective Cycling Instructors will be required to re-certify for most of the modules, but may be grandfathered into Road I and II certification. Effective Cycling Instructor Candidates who wish to certify under the old system will have until the end of 1995 to complete that certification. At some point, (probably January of 1996), the old method of certifying Effective Cycling Instructors will be replaced. People who wish to become certified will attend weekend long seminars which will be taught by Instructor Trainers. These seminars will be expensive, but they will provide a “one-stop shopping” approach to certification which will eliminate the frustration and delays which have been a constant problem with the old system.

There is still time remaining for anyone who wishes to certify under the old system, but the window of opportunity is closing. Call Kentucky Effective Instructor Trainee Advisor Dave Spitler at 458-2094 to get more information and/or to set up dates for written and road tests.

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