Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- September-October 1995


by Milton Funkworthy

So Much Fun... It’s Scary, with the hottest looking jersey from any event in the region this year. A brand new cookie stop location, good food at the SAGs, good food at the school for those arriving early, food, food everywhere, good food at dinner Saturday night. Breakfast on Sunday includes cereals, muffins and the like for those that don't partake of Chris Cakes. (Cakes participants, remember to save your plate if you're going for the pancake record.) And best of all, it's the best bargain going on bikes today, to be shared with about 600 of your closest cycling friends.

Look for costumes at the SAG stops, a festive setting for the dinner hour, a fast paced day-of-ride slide show, and a “your participation required” party to follow with door prizes distributed to the crowd during some of the best entertainment to be found on a Saturday night in Nelson County in a school where professional wrestling is not involved.

Now, how does all this happen? First you have to build on the foundation laid as far back as 18 years ago when the Prathers led the event. Then, throw in a lot of Jim Tretter's influence, add in Norm Minnick's ideas, and top it off with Kevin and Gail Clay to bring a fresh look to this year's event.

The make-up of the OKHT committee should make some corporate types lick their chops. A quick tally of those involved shows cumulative experience of almost 100 years over the 18 years this tour has existed. A veritable army of Keenans will make the event happen up through registration. Gary and Pat and a dozen family members pull together the up-front registration packets and get the whole sign-in thing organized. Tom and Valerie keep the school running smoothly and make sure it's clean on Sunday. Before we can sign up, Glenn Todd, Joe Kipp, Don Williams and non-cyclist/Architect Scott Perkins create the text and artwork for this year's brochure, event patch and T-shirt. Brian Shelley and Debbie Browning keep track of registrations, who is coming, ordering what, and/or renewing their club membership. We have to wear something so Kevin Clay and Don Williams put their heads together and an all-new sublimated design for this year’s jersey was the result. Before we can ride, Alison Ewart marks the route with stamps created by Jay Palmer. They also make sure the cookie stop has a place to land. Once we roll off, Brenda Palmer is in control with SAGs outfitted to feed an army. Costumes, equipment and tons of food are all coordinated by Brenda, who has been on the phone for months arranging for many businesses to participate by donating goods or services.

Early school arrivals will benefit from a cook-out at the school to cure those early afternoon hunger pains. Roving SAGs will be provided by Highland Cycle. Bikes-'n-Bargains will have accessories and stuff on hand for sale at the school.

Mary Margaret Williams rides herd over the school kitchen this year. In charge of Saturday night's dinner, MM will use teacher/school speak to communicate with the kitchen staff. Rosie Brian Turner provides our decorations for dinner and ultimately the theme for this year's ride. Edd Johannemann, along with his father Bill, will photograph the ride and assemble the slide show. Larry Hammers will provide the equipment for our own, and definitely the entertainment of others. Glenn Todd and a staff of volunteers pursue the door prizes necessary to keep everyone interested.

And on top of it all, Kevin Clay makes sure:

1) Dennis Maher has a truck to drive to ferry luggage.
2) Chris Cakes will really show up.
3) Pyro prints the color-jerseys
4) Good Stuff prints the T-jersey
5) Oates Flag prints the T-shirt.
6) Port-O-Pots get to their proper locations. (No port-O-pots? Now THAT's SCARY!)
7) Don Williams is following up on whatever he's supposed to.

And Gail Clay makes sure everyone gets paid, deposits get into the bank and accounting gets accounted for.

You can still be a part of this, the largest cycling event this year in the central part of Kentucky. Volunteers are still needed for SAGs, school help and the like. Or, your participation along with a couple hundred new entrants would surely be nice. But, most importantly, COOKIES — HOMEMADE COOKIES are needed for the Sunday cookie stop to be a big success. As the event draws closer, reminders will be issued to members so we can taste your special creations.

See you on the road!

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