Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- September-October 1995

From the President . . .

by Adrian Freund

Come and join us for the Old Kentucky Home Tour on September 16-17. Whether you’re a regular, a first-timer or haven’t joined us for a few years, you’re in for a great weekend! Just take a look at the new OKHT jersey and you’ll know there’s something different about the 1995 tour. A new theme, new programs and different food are just a few of the features. If you would like to volunteer to help with the ride, contact Don Williams or Kevin Clay. To help with the SAG stops, contact Brenda Palmer. But whatever you do, register now! Remember — it’s so much fun, it’s scary!

Our congratulations go to Aurilla Lesley. Not only was she featured in the Courier-Journal, but she took three championships at the Masters’ Nationals! On the other end of the chronological spectrum, Rachel Spitler and Jennifer Hare received 4th place medals in the Junior National Road Races! Please join me in thanking Edd Johannemann, Barbara Berman, Dave Spitler, the Racing Council and all the members of the racing and developmental teams for their great work this year!

Now, a note about “speed.” A couple of months ago, I was chastised for riding too fast. I certainly don’t seek recognition for my attempts to keep up with other fast riders, and I was dismayed by the negative reviews I received. I ride fast for self-satisfaction. I don’t ride fast to drop slower riders, impress other cyclists or to gain bragging rights about average speed. Whatever your viewpoint, real concerns have been expressed that the touring rides have become too fast for new and slower-paced riders. In order for the club to grow, there must be a place in the Wheelmen for riders of all speeds and levels of experience.

We are taking steps to make sure that no one is intimidated or left behind on our rides. This year we have seen the development of a solid core group of riders who prefer a more relaxed pace. We have increased the number of short rides and they have been very popular. We are trying to designate ride captains for each ride length, where several rides are offered. If you have suggestions on other ways to deal with speed, please let me know! The Louisville Wheelmen is a club for everyone who seeks exercise, enjoyment, and camaraderie. And please folks, if you see me “off the back” and struggling, give me a place in your casual paceline!

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