Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- September-October 1995

Touring Report

by Barry Bennett

WOW! The last two months of the 1995 season are upon us, but it seems like only yesterday I was wondering who would be competing for the various jerseys that are given out at the November Banquet. It's been a hot summer but hopefully the fall will bring us more comfortable riding weather.

At the last Touring Committee meeting we found ourselves going over the recommendations from the Membership Committee which pertain to the rides. One item discussed was the length of the rides, apparently with some former members wanting shorter distances. The last couple of schedules have addressed this problem, but there is more work to be done in the future. Another point that was brought up was getting the rides off on time. I’m sure everyone is aware of what is commonly referred to as “WHEELMEN TIME.” This is the practice of starting the rides 15 minutes later than the posted time on the schedule. For example, a 6-o’clock ride won't start until 6:15. Whether this is good or bad depends on whom you are talking to. Some seem to really like it, while others are dead set against it! I feel it's way too late in the season to change anything now, so it will be brought up at the January Touring Committee meeting, when the rules and guidelines are discussed and voted on. If anyone has any thoughts on this matter please let me or any member of the committee know how you feel.

Although the end of the riding season is rapidly approaching, some of the best rides of the year are coming up:

For the Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1-4, Duc and Paula Do will lead a gaggle of tandems to Indianapolis, Ind., to participate in the Midwest Tandem Rally. David Runge will be doing TOTS (Tour of Tall Shelby) on Saturday, Sept. 2. On the 3rd we have Alison Ewart's 30/60/100-mile ride with Earl Jones' Birthday ride that same afternoon! Labor Day has a 20/40/65-mile ride with Jay Palmer as Ride Captain. The greatest bicycle ride on the planet starts on the 16th — the Old Kentucky Home Tour. Wednesday, Sept. 20, has the first of Marge Johannemann's two Mike Linnig's rides (Sept. 30 is the second one). On Saturday, Sept. 23, a double metric century (124 mi) will highlight Kevin & Gail's 15/30/60/124-mile ride. Also on that same day, the American Lung Association's TREK to Shakertown starts. TOUR de GNOME (lawn sculptures & ice cream) will take place on Sunday, Sept 24th.

On October 1st, Harvest Homecoming, a great one-day ride with 22/33/47/60-mile courses is offered. On the 7th, Duc & Paula Do’s Carrollton ride takes place. Sunday, Oct. 8, Gil Morris will lead the Leaf Festival. On Friday the 13th, Rory Whitaker will head the ride to the Hilly Hundred. Sunday, Oct. 15, is Earl Jones's TOUR de BOURBON. Earl will also lead the brunch ride to Claudia Sanders the following weekend. The last of the summer's Fruit Rides will be led by Bill Johannemann & Jim Tretter on the 22nd. Wednesday morning, Oct. 25, has a soup ride with Marge Johannemann. Barbara Berman's Adopt-A-Highway clean-up will precede a potluck dinner at Norm and Marilyn Minnick's house on Friday the 27th. Sunday the 29th, the Halloween Tandem Costume Ride (singles too, of course) rounds out the month. Whew!

What a schedule the Touring Committee has come up with to finish off a great season!!! So mark your calendar now for your favorite rides and events.

With such a hot summer this year, I think the Ride Captains of the last two months really deserve some special gratitude from all members. So here they are...

     Don & Mary Margaret Williams 18 rides
     Duc & Paula Do 5          Jim Preston 4
     Philip Esterle 4          Ed Akers 3
     Emily Boone 3             Kevin & Gail Clay 3
     Norm Minnick 3            Bill & Anong Pustow 3
     Phil Brown 3              Adrian Freund 3
     Earl Jones 3              Todd Childers 2
     Barry Bennett 2           Ian Schill 2
     David Runge 2             Alison Ewart 2
     Alan Darby 2              Gil Morris 2
     Joel Weaver 2             Marge Johannemann 2
     Sonny Neurath 2           Carolyn Minnette 2
     Frank Coryell 1           Bill Johannemann 1
     Donald Slayton 1          John Larson 1
     Rory Whitaker 1
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