Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- November-December 1995

Re-Birth of the Junior Team

by Dave Spitler

One of the many positive changes during the 1995 season was the rebirth of our Junior Team. We started the season with three licensed riders under the age of 18 and finished with 12. The exciting news is that they are solid riders eager to learn and quick on the uptake. Our new Juniors traveled as a group to the Labor Day weekend races in Winchester, KY, and to the “A TO Z CLASSIC” in Athens and Zanesville, Ohio, during the weekend of September 22-24. Who are these folks? You may have seen them at the Registration tables at our Old Kentucky Home Tour and, of course, riding as a group during the ride. Please join our “old timers,” Jennifer Hare, Rachel Spitler and Greg Impellizzeri in welcoming the most promising group of new juniors we have ever had: Christie Johnson, Mary Plant, Matt Glaser, Rob Evans, David Shanahan, Ted Yopp, Ross Davis and Brian Green. Several riders are waiting in the wings including Evan Kreigshaber and “IronKids” regional winner Christian Wenger.

If the end of the 1995 season is any indication, 1996 is going to be too much fun! We still have slots open on the Junior Squad. Cyclists (or parents of cyclists) between the ages of 10 and 18 should call our Voice-Tel Info line (329-1848) and leave a message to get more information on how to become part of the Junior Program.

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