Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- November-December 1995

Mountain Biking in Cherokee Park

by Stuart Ulferts

With the advent of cooler weather, many people are looking once again to their mountain bike as a means for fall training and recreation. If Cherokee Park is where you like to ride, please remember that Metro Parks and the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association are asking all bikers to stay on the north side of Beargrass Creek when riding the trails. Responsible bikers should also pay attention to trail pedestrians and practice good trail ethics by not riding in the mud.

The North and South side agreement has been hashed out between bikers and Metro parks officials over several years as a compromise measure. Many people involved in Cherokee Park planning would like to see off road riding there banned. Although agreeing to ride on the north side only was not the best answer to multi-use problems in Cherokee Park, bikers agreed to it after Metro Parks made a permanent MTB loop part of their official master plan. Cooperation with Parks officials will later pay off in a 5-mile circular trail loop for mountain bikers and other users.

So when you ride in the park, wear your helmet and be a good park citizen. Don't scare walkers, don't ride in the mud and stay off the south side trails, especially the trails that run inside the scenic walkway/bike path. Your restraint now could result in a great mountain bike loop later.

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