Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- November-December 1995

Officer Nominations

The Nomination Committee is pleased to submit to the membership the following candidates for various positions on the Executive Committee. The candidates are as follows:

President                Adrian Freund
V.P. of Advocacy:        Earl Jones
V.P. of Communications:  Joseph A. Kipp
V.P. of Education:       Joe Proctor
V.P. of Racing:          David Spitler
V.P. of Touring:         Kevin Clay
Secretary:               Ian Schill	
                         Judy Plant
Treasurer:               Alice Filiatreau	
                         Jim Tretter
The candidates will be voted into office at the Annual Awards Banquet to be held at Mastersons on Saturday, November 18, 1995. Each candidate was asked to write a short paragraph. The list below is in the same order as they appear above.

Adrian P. Freund, current President, candidate for President:

Many of you know that in real life, I’m the Director of Planning and Environmental Management for Jefferson County. That can be a frustrating job! Involvement in the Louisville Wheelmen is my “safety valve,” my diversion, my own form of stress relief.

For the past year, I have stressed inclusion, openness and growth of the Louisville Wheelmen. I have also focused on getting our business affairs in order. It’s not all fun, you understand. During 1995, there have been many intense discussions about the activities and directions of the club. The politics of the club are truly amazing, and too often focused on issues of concern to fewer than 10% of our members.

With the help of the Executive Committee and all of you, we’ve made good progress in attracting new members and providing new services. New faces abound at rides and meetings. Positive comments about activities are being received on a regular basis.

I want the opportunity to serve as President for 1996 to continue the progress we’ve made. Our touring and education programs can be even more inviting to new or inexperienced riders. We can be more “family-friendly” and reduce the number of “bike widowers”. And lastly, the business side of the club still needs some attention. Thanks for all of your support. I look forward to working for you during 1996!

Earl Jones, current VP of Advocacy, candidate for VP of Advocacy:

1996 will see the final adoption of Jefferson County’s comprehensive development plan which will set transportation policy objectives and implementation plans well into the next century. I am seeking another term as VP Advocacy so that I can continue to advance the interests of the club as the plan is developed and in other dealings with government and public officials. I have both the training to fulfill these responsibilities and the ability to reconcile our interests as cyclists with those of others who have potentially conflicting interests. I look forward to another year of serving the club and ask for your continued support.

Joseph A. Kipp, current VP of Communications, candidate for VP of Communications:

The past ten months have been a great learning and a very rewarding experience. My goals for this year were few and very simple, get the newsletter and ride schedule out. The goals for next year are somewhat more complicated. I wish to build a structure of people and resources for the club to draw on for all its publication needs. This will allow the VP of Communications provide publications to the club in a timely manner, free of errors and omissions and at the highest level of quality the club can afford.

Joe Proctor, candidate for VP of Education:

I joined the Louisville Wheelmen in 1984 and have had the opportunity of serving as VP of Communications for three years under two “administrations.” It was a richly rewarding experience and that is why I eagerly await the chance to plunge into VP of Education in 1996.

My plans for VP of Education are (1) listen to advice of Mary Margaret Williams, our past chair; (2) surround myself with bright, eager, innovative, inventive cyclists who want to make a difference; and (3) stand back and watch things happen. If you want a piece of the action, call me at 454-7464. Education — a few good heads is all we need.

Dave Spitler, current VP of Racing, candidate for VP of Racing:

1995 has been a exciting year. The Racing Team set high goals and exceeded every one. With a year like that as a base to jump from, we expect 1996 to be even more exciting. My goal as Vice President, Racing is to follow through on some of the great starts we had in 1995 and roll out some new programs as well. Specifically, I hope to see us finish the year with 6 working coaches and 75 licensed racers. I hope to see 1996 remembered as the year that the “Rider Development Program” really took hold. I hope to see our Elite Squad continue to improve and I would like to see Team Sponsorship hit a new high. (Sorry, I can’t tell you the number—it scares even me.) I would like to see us take 20 Riders to the Junior Nationals in 1996 and come back with a minimum of 4 medals. I would like to see our Women’s and Masters’ Squads undergo the kind of rebirth which we saw this year in our Junior Squad. I also want to work with the other officers to improve the overall club program, including our young but growing education program and our improving publicity efforts. 1996 promises to be a terrific year: I want to play my part.

Kevin Clay, candidate for VP of Touring:

After joining the club in August 1993, just a couple of weeks after getting my first bike in over 20 years, I discovered that there was much to learn about my newest addiction. Since then, I have logged over 12,000 miles and accumulated a fair bit of knowledge, mostly through the touring program. From Bike Handling Classes to simply riding alongside more experienced riders and observing or asking questions, I have found this a great place to learn. This is what I would hope to accomplish as VP of Touring: I want to give everyone, no matter what experience level or ability, an environment to learn a little something about this sport we all love so much. See you on the road.

Ian Schill, candidate for Secretary:

I have been a member of the Louisville Wheelmen for 6 years. I am thrilled to have returned to the Louisville area and the great cycling here. Over the years I have been involved in various aspects of this organization from touring to racing. I now would like to be more involved with the administration of this organization, to repay the Club for some of the satisfaction I have experienced being a member. Therefore I’m running for the position of secretary.

Judy Plant, candidate for Secretary:

As a relatively new member of the Louisville Wheelmen, I’d like to introduce myself and let you know why I’m running for club secretary. Although my family and I are new to Louisville and the Louisville Wheelmen, we are not new to bicycling. My husband, Tom, and I have been avid cyclists for over 20 years. At various time during those years we’ve been active members of The Dayton (Ohio) Cycling Club, The Los Angeles Wheelmen, and The Cincinnati Wheelmen. We’ve been fanatical 250-miles-per-week cyclists — that was B.C., or before children, of course! We’ve been trailer-towing, parents-of-toddlers cyclists. We’ve been a two-tandem family with a child adapter on the back of each tandem. And now, we’re middle-distance, middle-aged (translate: “Not as fast as we used to be!”) bicyclists and the proud parents of a daughter who is a junior member of the Louisville Wheelmen Racing Team.

Having experienced all these facets of bicycling, I feel that I can offer a broad perspective on our sport if I become a member of the Executive Committee. In addition, as a woman who has been involved in cycling for many years, and as a mother of a female racer, I can bring to the Committee the viewpoint of the growing number of women in cycling. And, finally, since my work experience is in desktop publishing, technical writing and editing, I have the necessary skills to be an effective, efficient secretary.

Although I have been a member of the Wheelmen for less than a year, it is clear to me that this club is outstanding in the area of communication, organization, education, and creativity. The Louisville Wheelmen are a tremendous asset to bicycling and, with such an enthusiastic membership, we can only become better. I’d like to be a part of that process.

Alice Filiatreau, current Treasurer, candidate for Treasurer:

Last year I agreed to run for Treasurer for the Club without having clear ideas what was involved in the job as the last time I had served as a club treasurer was twenty plus years ago and to be honest there was some fear when I initially said yes. However, since that time I’ve become knowledgeable and think I’ve carried out the responsibilities well and in a responsible manner. One personal motive in agreeing to run for office was to encourage myself to ride my bicycle more. While I haven’t logged any long distance records or broken any speed records, I did ride more and I have met some hard working people. I wish to serve the Club as Treasurer for one more year so I’m asking that you vote for me at the upcoming election.

Jim Tretter: candidate for Treasurer:

As club president in 1993 and 1994, I undertook a project to document and report all club moneys, provide for the proper management of those funds under the Executive Board and to understand and comply with tax requirements. I would like to follow through with this project as club Treasurer. As a long-time member of the club serving in many different capacities, I have acquired an understanding of all club operations. I received an extensive background in finance through formal management courses at General Electric where I work, and work assignments in financial analysis, information systems design of financial processes, management, project leadership and having responsibility for multi-million dollar budgets. Thank you for your support.

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