Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- November-December 1995


by Kevin Clay - Chair & Don Williams - Co-Chair

It's so much fun, it doesn't get scary until the night before the event. Kevin's blood pressure went up a little when the sublimated jersey order was placed (lots of dollars, lots were left to sell at that time), or when the original manufacturer for the three-pocket cycle tees backed out with 10 days to go. Don's pressure was way up when the artwork had to get ready. Gail's pressure peaked out writing checks for school clean-up, dinner and breakfast, but to Gail's credit many bills were paid weeks before we ever hit the road. Mary Margaret was pacing with 40 pounds of spaghetti bubbling in the kitchen Saturday afternoon even after numerous calls weeks before to the kitchen staff.

So just how did it happen? Well, for one thing, Dennis Maher was holding the bags! Dennis made sure the truck, luggage, registration supplies, T-shirts, and tables all made it to the school. Sunday he even loaned his helmet to a cyclist in need for the ride back home.

Remember those goodies and the grilled hot dogs in the front hallway? Credit the expertise of Barbara and Norbert Olges. Barbara was the witch who took your meal tickets Saturday night. Without the Olges it wouldn't seem like the Old Kentucky Home Tour.

Registration was headed by Gary and Pat Keenan. One cannot appreciate the process for something like this until personal involvement is required. Gary had boxes of this and that pulled out from under all the tables, selling shirts, exchanging jerseys while the Racing Team provided members to process pre-registered riders.

To help get us to Bardstown, Barbara Tretter stepped in when needed, even after registration closed. A special thanks goes to her.

Tom Keenan hurt his back this year. Okay, we were a little nervous about this one, but the Dance Team was on-hand. Tom laid his plans out to perfection, and Donald Slayton stepped in, in a big way, and kept the front room running smoothly. Rory Whitaker baby-sat the registration table at the school Saturday night and dealt with one mini-crisis after another.

Joel Weaver dressed in costume as Hezekiah, an enhanced version of the brother of the Prodigal Son for Sunday morning’s devotional. 40 or so people attended the service in the auditorium.

Rosie Turner and husband David directed decorating the dining room, recruiting the less than vertically challenged Adrian Freund for decoration hanging. David even helped Chris Cakes get ready at 5:00 a.m. Sunday Morning.

The food was ably served up by Bill and Anong Pustow, Nan Hazel and Tim Dullaghan, Mark and Stephanie Flautt, Gail Clay, Ian Schill, and Carolyn Minnette. Rick Singleton, Jim Wooldridge, James Chism and Charlie Drexler served up drinks to keep the line moving.

All of the sound equipment was courtesy of Larry Hammers.

SAGS headed up by Brenda Palmer “employed” 35 volunteers for the weekend to keep us all fed.

Ted and Gil Morris of Highland Cycle did great with road repairs for some of our riders.

Our Sponsors were recruited by Glenn Todd and Nan Hazel. They included Clarksville Schwinn, Highland Cycle, Bardstown Rd. Bicycle Co., Ken Combs Running Store, The Belle of Louisville, Scheller's Schwinn, Bicycle Sport, Quest Outdoors and Old Kentucky Home Insurance. All door prizes were greatly appreciated, and the winners should enjoy them at least until next year.

The sublimated jerseys sold out, three-pocket Tees — almost sold out, Long Sleeve T-shirts — Sold Out, Short Sleeve T-shirts — CALL, we have your size left, except XXXL. Port-O-Pots were popular on Saturday, the only place to get in out of the rain. The Cookie Stop was the greatest in years. Thanks, Alison Ewart, Brenda and Jay Palmer.

Next year’s improvements? Shorter lines in the dining room. Mood lighting in the gym. Devil worship outside by a fire? Don't let Will Minnette sing Werewolves of London. Get Greg Impellizeri and the Racing Team Chorus up to the mike. No Rain!!!

Thanks to all the club members that cheerfully pitched in to help when asked. The team spirit displayed really helped attitudes improve in spite of the weather.

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