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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- January-February 1996

Racing Update

by The Racing Council

By now, almost everyone has heard that there is change in the air, but not everyone is up to speed on what those changes are. Briefly, here are three important changes.

The membership of the USCF voted in September to do away with the rule which prohibited USCF license holders from competing in events not sanctioned by the USCF. Perhaps coincidentally, our USCF District Rep, Nestor Evancevitch, resigned from the USCF and announced the formation of a rival federation to be called American Bicycle Racing or ABR. Since ABR is still in its infancy, no one can say what it will turn out to be, but the goal is to produce a “grass roots” racing program as opposed to an elite program which many say the USCF is trying to become.

ABR races may be prominent in Illinois for the next year or so, but it is likely that many clubs, racers and promoters will take a “wait and see” attitude, perhaps affiliating with both programs but not dropping a known program for one which is still very formative. In order to compete in an ABR-sanctioned race, you must own an ABR license. Even then, you cannot wear your team jersey unless your team has also joined ABR.

Another important development for some of us is that the USCF has once again done away with Junior Gear Restrictions. Granted, this rule change (unfortunately) affects a small part of the total USCF population, but the members of the steadily growing Louisville Wheelmen Junior Squad (12 at last count) are pleased that they are not going to have to fork over money for special gearing to participate in the ‘96 Nationals.

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