Louisville Wheelmen

Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- January-February 1996

Miles and Miles and Miles

by Dave Leist

The club broke a number of records this year. Four hundred and fifty different riders rode a total of 236,870 miles. Both are new club records, and yes, we finally made it to the moon! (It's 221,600 miles to the moon at its closest point to the earth, if my Webster's is correct.) Bill Pustow broke the club record to win a Yellow Jersey by riding 6325 miles (between March1 and October 30). On several occasions, I asked him why he was doing this insane amount of riding. I always got the same no-nonsense, straight-faced, Joe Friday type of answer, “It's my job, Dave.” I could tell, however, that he was having just a little bit of fun along the way.

Jay Palmer and David Runge broke the 35,000-lifetime-mile mark, Paul Battle the 30,000, Mary Margaret Williams and Rory Whitaker the 25,000, and on it goes. Congratulations to all the 450 riders who helped make our moon trip possible. It's a real testimony to the success of an excellent touring program and all the folks whose hard work make it happen.

Anybody know how far it is to Mars?

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