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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- January-February 1996

Touring 96

by Kevin Clay

Well, it may be December, but as your new Vice President of Touring it's most certainly not too early to be thinking ahead to 1996. I am looking forward to a good year of bicycle rides and social events, which if done correctly are one in the same. My main focus this coming year will be to provide a well balanced ride schedule that will hopefully have something for everyone, no matter what the experience or skill level of the individual. We will have short rides, long rides, easy rides and hard rides, and sometimes all on the same day. I hope to have some new ride captains with new routes and new starting locations. This along with the returning base of good ride captains and popular rides with proven starting locales should guarantee a year of great rides.

1996 will get off to a cool start with the traditional New Year's Day ride, the Polar Bear Ride. Once again we will be starting from the Mid City Mall at 11 AM with Dave Spitler as your host. Mileage will depend on the weather, but does it really matter? The party's at the Spitlers' at 1617 Windsor Place after the ride, so make plans to be there. The week's not over yet. Emily Boone keeps things going with our first Wednesday morning ride on the 3rd. Next comes something new that we hope will be a popular addition to the winter ride schedule, weeknight rides! Every Thursday night through February we will have trainer/roller rides from 7 to 9 p.m. at St. Matthews Elementary located at 601 Browns Lane. This should make the task of riding the trainer easier and possibly even fun. Well, at least you will be able to pick your distance, pace and can even make it that elusive #1 (flat) ride that you thought you'd never see in Kentucky. If you would like additional information on the Thursday night trainer rides contact either Mary Margaret Williams (502-267-4477) or myself (502-254-9850). Read Mary Margaret's article in this newsletter for more details on this new addition to the schedule.

We're not finished with that first week 1996 yet. I will be having my birthday ride on Saturday, Jan. 6 this year, a 20-miler from the house, with cake to follow. It snowed last year and I was the only person to show, that's why there'll be cake this year. Somebody will show even if there's a foot of snow. This brings up a question I have yet to get a definite answer on? Do we eat to ride or ride to eat? We will finally end the week with Marge Johannemann's Tour de Fairdale, from Fairdale High School. This is just the beginning. We have Hot Cider rides, Hot Chocolate rides, Todd's Point lunch rides and even a Valentine's Day Ride just to highlight a few during the first two months.

The first Touring Committee meeting of the year is set for Wednesday, January 3. See ride schedule for time and place. We hope to have all the past members, as well as anyone else interested in having their input heard on the touring program, present to help us prepare for the busy season to come. If you would like to be part of the 1996 Touring Committee, please contact me or any other member of the committee. We look forward to hearing and discussing any ideas that you may have that will help to get the Touring Program guidelines set and the March/April ride schedule planned as well as taking care of some outstanding issues from previous meetings and issues presented by the Membership Committee during 1995.

If at any time you have an idea or concern that you would like to discuss with me or the committee, please feel free to call me at 254-9850. However, there will be times that I will be much easier to reach by bicycle!

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