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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- March-April 1996

What's In A Name?

by Earl Jones

After months of discussion and deliberation, club members will vote on changing the Club’s name at the March membership meeting to be held on March 17, 1996, at Mr. Gatti’s Pizza in Stony Brook Shopping Center. The meeting will start at 5:30 p.m.

Based on the process approved last year by the Executive Committee, members were asked to suggest new names for the Club. Those names have been winnowed down over the last few months and now only one name had enough support to make it to the final round: Louisville Bicycle Club. This is the name members will be asked to approve at the March membership meeting.

The Executive Committee has determined that any name change, if approved by the membership, should be done by having the Club adopt an assumed name instead of amending the Club’s Articles of Incorporation to change its corporate name. This approach was taken to minimize the cost and legal hassles. This approach also preserves the proud heritage of the Club and its connection to 1897 founding. The importance of the decision being taken will, however, be recognized by amendment of the Club’s by-laws.

Accordingly, the Executive Committee requests a secret ballot vote by the membership on the following resolution:

Do you approve the adoption of the attached amendment (see below) to the Club’s by-laws to adopt as the Club’s assumed name “Louisville Bicycle Club?”

(Circle one)    Yes         No

AMENDMENT TO REVISE ARTICLE I TO READ: The name of the corporation shall be the Louisville Wheelmen, Inc., doing business as the Louisville Bicycle Club, hereinafter referred to as the “Club.”

Those approving the name change should vote “Yes” to approve the amendment. Those wishing to continue using the corporation name Louisville Wheelmen as the trade name of the Club, or who don’t like either name should vote “No” and disapprove the amendment.

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