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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- March-April 1996
Old Kentucky Home Tour

OKHT Advisory Committee Meets

After 18 years of successful Bardstown rides, we seem to have hit a bump in the road. For the second year in a row, we are into March without a Ride Director or a full Old Kentucky Home Ride Committee. Why is this happening? What can be done about it? There seemed to be a lot of questions and very few answers.

In an effort to get a better handle on the problem, an “OKHT Advisory Committee” was formed. At the initial meeting on February 15, the committee consisted of some members of the 1995 OKHT Committee and some club members who have no history with the ride other than having ridden it one or more times. The goal of the first meeting was to discuss possible problems and set up some action items to consider in more detail at the next meeting. The first meeting was entirely successful in that a lot of questions were asked and some very thoughtful ideas were placed on the table. No attempt was made to come up with solutions or even to get consensus on what the problems are: those tasks will be addressed at future meetings.

By now, it is likely that several more meetings have been held and, depending on the skills of the folks who are working on the committee, perhaps great progress has already been made. One thing did come out of that first meeting that cannot be wished away or ignored. The lack of a volunteer to serve as Ride Director is not the only personnel problem being experienced. For the past few years, there has been a severe shortage of volunteers who are willing to do some of the jobs which must be done BEFORE ride day.

This is a situation which threatens the future of our annual Bardstown Ride. If fewer and fewer people are willing to do the work, the ride cannot grow and is in danger of shrinking or, in a worst case scenario, go away altogether. If these gloom and doom scenarios can be avoided, but only if more of you step up to the plate and volunteer to serve as Committee Chairs, Assistant Chairs or as helpers. Volunteers are needed immediately to help the Advisory Committee as well as to take on some of the early season tasks. We need people to take on tasks such as government liaison, brochure layout and jersey design RIGHT NOW! In the next two months, we will need people to help with a number of tasks including route selection and planning. Can you help? To volunteer or to get more information, please call the Wheelmen Info Line (329-1848) and leave a message in ANY of the areas.

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