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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- March-April 1996

From the President . . .

by Adrian Freund

How time flies! Mileage season is nearly upon us and soon you’ll be able to put the trainer into storage (thank goodness!).

wheel·man (hwêl¹men, wêl¹-) noun
1.	Nautical. One who steers a ship; a helmsman.
2.	The driver of an automobile, especially of a getaway car.
3.	A bicyclist.
Our January general membership meeting attracted 18 avid members to debate the merits of changing the club’s name. There was nearly unanimous support for a name change, and participants selected their favorites from a list a 21 names submitted by members last summer. Much of the discussion regarding the need for a name change focused on the fact that the term “wheelman” is archaic and not widely understood. As you can see from the above dictionary excerpt, the definition raises some questions about who we are.

Louisville Bicycle Club was selected as the best alternative name by 75% of those present at the meeting. Kentuckiana Bicycle Club was a distant second. Our by-laws require a vote on the name change to be taken at a general membership meeting. Come to the March general meeting on March 17 to cast your vote on whether we should become the Louisville Bicycle Club! (See related article.)

We all agree that riding is fun, but members also have a responsibility to volunteer to do the work of the club. In this newsletter, we address the Old Kentucky Home Tour, which is “just around the corner.” Without your help, in a large or small role, the Bardstown ride might not happen in 1996! Many great rides across the country are withering because they lack volunteers. The club relies on you for everything it does. Our club is healthy and growing, but we need you now! Please contact me or any executive committee member if you can assist with one of our great activities so that they may continue in 1996 and beyond.

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