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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- March-April 1996

1996 Sponsors Announced

by Dave Spitler

The 1996 Sponsorship Drive is a wrap: the 1996 jerseys have been designed and ordered. Prepare to see a new look when the members of your racing team show up at a club ride. The yellow and blue striped jersey which we have worn for the past four years is being replaced due to our success in bringing in a new sponsor. It is with both pride and a deep sense of gratitude that we announce our 1996 Racing Teams sponsors.

Welcome back. Almost all of our 1995 sponsors have returned to support us for another year. Our two title sponsors for 1995, '94 and '93, St. Matthews Cyclery and St. Matthews Imports are back, as are The Brick Oven Restaurant, Voice-Tel of Kentucky, PowerBar and Louisville Label. It is difficult to put into words how much we appreciate the continuing support of these long term supporters.

We are very excited to welcome The Bluegrass Coca-Cola Bottling Company as a new sponsor for 1996. Our jersey will proudly feature two products which are distributed by Bluegrass Coca-Cola Bottling: PowerAde and Naya Water.

When the new team jerseys arrive, they will be available for purchase through St. Matthews Cyclery. Any club member may purchase a team jersey; make sure that you identify yourself as a club member to insure that you get the proper discount.

Many thanks and a tip of the hat to all of the people who worked on the 1996 sponsorship drive including, Edd and Amy Johannemann, Scott Shelton, and Luann Vuckson.

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