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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- March-April 1996

Touring Report

Where Is Spring?

by Kevin Clay

It was -4 this morning when I went to get the paper. I am having a real difficult time turning my thoughts toward bicycles and this article. Maybe I should be doing this closer to the fire. Ill work on my motivation, bear with me.

Maybe this is partially due to the year starting in much the same way. The years first Touring Committee meeting was held on January 3rd with 16 members battling the cold and snow to attend. Funny, I dont remember it being that cold now, but I do remember the snow! We discussed several topics, some leftover from last year and some new. We also got a good start to filling up the March and April ride schedules.

Among the items discussed; the feeling that more social rides are wanted and needed. Seems like there are quite a few cyclists who like to do more than ride and go home. We will encourage ride captains to schedule more of these, but we need your help. If you have any ideas for a fun ride/activity please contact me or any ride captain. Among the rides that have proved popular in the past are: The Brunch Ride, Pancake Ride, Mike Linnings Ride, the Tours de Gil, Anongs Famous Thai-food Ride (my personal favorite) just to name a few. Anybody see a common theme here? Whoda guessed.... food.

Ride Captain Orientation is another item that drew some discussion. Being a ride captain is not a tough job, but there are things that are expected of you as such and it is important for the safety and well-being of all riders. We will be having orientation sessions for all ride captains as well as for any potential ride captains we may have out there. These sessions will be more of a roundtable discussion instead of classes so that we can all learn and get ideas from each other. We can always use more ride captains and if you are interested but dont know where to start, this may be the place. If youd like, we will pair you off with an experienced ride captain if youd prefer on the job training. The first orientation session will be April 20th at 5pm at the Linn Station Rd. Tumbleweed. There will be two more Ride Captain Orientations coming in June and August. Dates and times will be set at a later date.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening rides have become more popular in the last couple of years with many riders and I have heard a lot on this recently. We have already started to schedule more of these on the March/April schedule and plan to keep them throughout the year. These will most likely be 2pm rides until the heat of the summer when they will move to 5:30-6pm. These afternoon rides could also be excellent for scheduling the social rides.

Dan Henry Blackout Days -- Yes, were finally going to try to cover some of our graffiti on the roadways. Do you know of an intersection or turn that has an extraordinary amount of our paint? The first that comes to mind for me is South Pope Lick and Rehl Road. It looks like an out-of-control ransom note. You have Ks, Cs, As, Es, Ps and yes, even several different colors of the standard Dan Henry. So, if you know of a busy spot thats confusing to you, come out to the Middletown Station parking lot on March 23rd at 4pm. We will meet to make a list of the problem spots, pass spray paint out and split up into groups and go paint the town black! March 30 and 31 will be the rain dates with the same meeting place and time.

These are just a few of the things that were mentioned and discussed at our first meeting. Everyone is welcome to come to the Touring Committee meetings to help set the ride schedules and express their concerns as they pertain to the touring program. If youre unable to attend but still want your concerns addressed, feel free to call me or any committee member or ride captain and ask them to be sure your request gets to the committee and we will make every effort to act on any and all items presented to us.

Once again Id like to thank those who showed for the first meeting, and they are: Duc Do, Ed Akers, Jim Preston, Phil Brown, Don & MM Williams, Jim Tretter, Sonny & Betty Neurath, Joe Kipp, Marge & Bill Johannemann, Ian Schill, Donald Slayton and Gail Clay.

The next Touring Committee Meeting will be held at the home of Duc and Paula Do on March 4th at 7pm. Call me (Kevin Clay @ 254-9850) or Duc Do (893-8780) for information.

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