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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- May-June 1996

From the President . . .

by Adrian Freund

Two months ago I said you could put the trainer away and head outdoors! As I write this column on April 7th., it's 40 degrees and the forecast calls for snow flurries. Even the president can be wrong, so keep those tights handy and join us on our full schedule of rides. You didn't have enough to do, so now you can ride seven days a week, and twice on some days. In keeping with our family values, we encourage you to bring your spouse and children to LBC rides.

Yes, we are the Louisville Bicycle Club! Thanks to the 58 members who attended the March general membership meeting, there was a spirited discussion and a vote on the by-laws amendment. We are now the Louisville Wheelmen doing business as The Louisville Bicycle Club. Now that the name issue is behind us, I hope all of our members will pull together and work hard for the growth of the club. As I have said before, there is no reason the club can't grow to 1000 members in the next few years. Spread the word about the LBC and invite your friends to join us for a ride!

There is more good news! The Old Kentucky Home Tour is on track for 1996. A committee spearheaded by Brenda Palmer, Gary and Tom Keenan is assuring a smooth ride this year. Volunteers are always needed, so contact Brenda Palmer. Thanks to the many volunteers who have already signed on for 1996.

Please ride carefully and responsibly. We all see cyclists who don't obey the rules of the road. Remind them, gently, of the proper way to share the road.

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