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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- May-June 1996

Upcoming Attractions


Meet us in Gatlinburg for the 3rd annual Wheelmen in the Smokies this year named "The Climb." Headquarters is the Airport Road Travelodge, but numerous other motels are available for the budget minded close by. Make your own reservations by asking for one of the rooms reserved for the Climb by calling (423) 436-7851. The cost will be about $67 per weekend night, no limit on number in the room.

Ride as little or as much as you like. Three options for Friday include a vertical 15, a rolling 45 or 60. Or come down Friday night and catch a 70 mile out-and-back to Cades Cove on Saturday. Sunrise on Sunday its a 42 mile round-trip to Clingman's Dome a climb of almost 5000 feet over 21 miles, then it's back down. Hiking will be available for non-cycling friends and family. Outlet shopping is highly recommended. Tee shirts are available this year to Wheelmen members at cost.


Saturday, June 29, is the date for the long distance riders. This year, the Louisville Bicycle Club will again offer a one-day double century ride. Shorter distances of 50, 100, and 150 miles are also offered to challenge all levels of cyclists. At press time, we haven't set on the starting location of this ride, though you can be assured that it'll be somewhere in south-central Indiana to take advantage of the friendly terrain (it's flatter, relatively). Contact Duc M. Do (893-8780) or Don & Mary Margaret Williams (267-4477) for more information.

As the starting location is set, we will post the location and all pertinent information here. Please check back.


To take advantage of prevailing light, the annual cross state events are being reversed this year. WACKY, starting at the Louisville Wharf will move to Sat. July 6 with a 6:30 a.m. start and plenty of light until 9:00 or so that night. TACKY will move to August, starting at the Executive Inn, Franklin and coming back to Louisville. City Lights should supplement our view if it gets dark before we are through. Sag Support will be on your own, or the cost of a rental van can be split among 10 or so people willing to split the driving. Entry forms will be on club rides and in local and regional shops. More info? call Don or Mary Margaret at 267-4477.

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