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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- May-June 1996

Louisville Bicycle Club Openings

by Kevin Clay

The Louisville Bicycle Club has several openings to fill for the position of Ride Captain. LBC is a non-profit organization that is most heavily into the area of fun and recreation. The LBC touring committee is currently searching for multiple people to fill these positions as it is too much for the few that currently hold the positions. All interested and qualified candidates must posses some, if not all, of the following abilities/tools:

  • Must have reliable transportation; two wheel variety a must and four wheelers do come in handy for scouting and marking routes.

  • Leadership; this is not particularly tough since most of our leading is done from the back of the pack.

  • Penmanship; this is important so that riders can read your cue sheets (Note: a computer with spell checker will bail you out quite nicely).

  • Artistic ability a plus; nobody likes football-shaped Dan Henry’s.

  • Love of the great outdoors; other than the trainer tours, we ride very little indoors.

  • Spare time; the positions are part-time, requiring weekend and some evening hours which will enable you to keep your regular full-time job if you wish to do so. (Most people do keep their full-time job since this position carries no salary!)

  • Speech making; no need to get “stage fright”, the crowd’s usually relatively small and half of them aren’t going to pay attention to you anyway.

Mostly what you need is the desire to ride and to supply rides for the other members of the club. There are only so many Ride Captains and it’s getting hard to fill all the time slots that we have. The Touring Committee is making an effort to put more rides on with including all the Saturday and Sunday afternoon rides throughout the Spring and Summer, but we have not picked up enough Ride Captains to cover all the rides. Seems as though we’ve lost a few Ride Captains from last year, too. We will do our best to keep you from having to ride alone on some pretty Saturday during the Summer, but we can make no guarantees.

If interested in putting a ride on the schedule or becoming a new Ride Captain, please contact Kevin Clay by phone (254-9850) or e-mail (fireking@ntr.net), attend the Touring Committee), see me or any other Ride Captain for information. Also, I usually carry the ride sign-up sheets to all club events that I attend and I do have a library of ride sheets and maps that anyone can gain access to just by asking.

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