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Louisville Wheelmen Newsletter -- May-June 1996


Once again the owners of The Louisville Motor Speedway have graciously agreed to give the Louisville Wheelmen Racing Team the use of the track on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer. The use of the track allows a unique opportunity for conducting training sessions and race simulations on a closed course. The racing council of the Louisville Wheelmen Racing Teams would like to make this opportunity available to other current members of the Louisville Bicycle Club. The program to be offered will consist of a rotating schedule of Orientation Nights, Open Nights, and evenings set aside for licensed members of the Louisville Wheelmen Racing Teams. For the safety of all participants, riders must attend an orientation session and be accepted by the Louisville Wheelmen Racing Team coaching staff prior to taking part in training sessions or Open Nights. Members of the coaching staff will be present on specified nights to familiarize riders with track rules and etiquette. To participants in orientation sessions must be current members of the Louisville Bicycle Club.

Open nights at the track will consist of track style race scenarios conducted by licensed officials. These evenings are open to all Louisville Bicycle Club members who have been approved by the coaching staff at an orientation session. Riders not accepted by the coaching staff, exhibiting unsafe or unsportsman like riding, or in anyway behaving in a manner that jeopardizes the use of the track by the Louisville Wheelmen Racing Teams or the reputation of the Louisville Bicycle Club, may be pulled, suspended or banned from participating in these events by either the coaching staff or officials. For insurance reasons, all persons using the track must be current members of The Louisville Bicycle Club.

Team nights at the speedway will be reserved for the use of members of The Louisville Wheelmen Racing Teams. The evenings will be used by team members to improve their fitness and hone racing skills. The track schedule for May and June will be as follows:

	May   8, 6:30PM	 Orientation Night
	May  15, 6:30PM	 Orientation Night
	May  22, 6:30PM	 Open  Night
	May  29, 6:30PM	 Team Night
	June  5, 6:30PM	 Orientation Night
	June 12, 6:30PM	 Team Night
	June 19, 6:30PM	 Open Night
	June 26, 6:30PM	 Team Night

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