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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- July-August 1996

1996 River City Cycling Classic

On June 1 & 2, something wonderful happened which has not happened for a long time: we had a big time bicycle race right here in River City. How big was it? Over two days of racing, we had hundreds of participants, huge fields in several events and $15,000 in prizes. The 1996 River City Cycling Classic had status as a Lance Armstrong Junior Olympic Race as well as the Kentucky and Indiana State Road and Criterium Championships.

On June 1, the racing took place on the scenic Loop in Cherokee Park under near perfect weather conditions. The racing was exciting, most of the fields were large and problems were almost non-existent. On June 2, the venue moved to downtown streets. Just to make sure that no one forgot how the weather has acted this spring, the morning races were contested under conditions which ranged from drizzle to pouring rain and the result was predictable; crashes too numerous to mention in the Cat 4&5 Men and Junior Men's races. Fortunately, no one was injured and the weather dried up for the afternoon events.

Thanx And A Tip Of The Hat...

The 1996 River City Cycling Classic could not have happened at all, let alone be the huge success that it was, without a lot of top quality help from a bunch of people. The race was organized on behalf of the Racing Team by Win-Win Services partners Scott Shelton, Edd Johannemann, Rebecca Cole and Dave Spitler. The Registration Crew consisted of Amy Johannemann, Bill Johannemann, Marge Johannemann, Rory Whitaker, Earl Jones, Ian Schill, Kathy Schill, Bill Rich, Larry Hammers, Len Ferryman and Julie Stoligrosz. Dave Stewart took on the job of recruiting and organizing set-up, tear-down and corner helpers for both days. Dave would have liked to have more quantity, but he could not complain about the quality of the help. Thanks go to Joey Kipp, Ian Schill, Phil Brown, Bill Rich, Ann Huntington, Earl Jones, Alan Darby, Ellen Zurbriggen, Rebecca Spitler, Vince Muchow, Charlie Bird, Robert Gregor, Sonny Neurath, Larry Hammers, Joe Proctor, David Ryan, Stratton Hammond, Keith Stoltz, Jim Tretter, and a number of racing team members including Mat Glaser, Mary Plant, Chris Mayhew, Greg Impellizzeri, Christie Johnson, Matt Straub, Cheryl Brawner, Rachel Spitler, Jim Wells and Barbara Berman. The Booster Club members helped in too many ways to mention here. Thanks to John Glaser, Patti Glaser, Patti Impellizzeri, Luann Vuckson, Steve Davis, Robyn Davis, Judy Plant, Tom Plant, Barbara Campbell and Nat Campbell. Rebecca Cole had help keeping track of and distributing prize money from Lauren Staples and Susan Dean.

Everyone listed above helped to the degree that they could. A number of volunteers went far beyond the call of duty by working nearly the entire weekend. Special mention goes to Bill Johannemann, Marge Johannemann, Dave Stewart, Phil Brown, Joey Kipp, Bill Rich, Rory Whitaker, Ian Schill, Kathy Schill, David Ryan, Vince Muchow, Earl Jones, Luann Vuckson, Amy Johannemann, Ann Huntington, John Glaser, Patti Glaser and Patti Impellizzeri.

We had support from many sources. Our thanks go to The Board of Aldermen of The City of Louisville for appropriating seed money for the event, The Bluegrass Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Broadway Chevrolet (for loaning us a shiny new Camaro convertible to use as the pace car), Saint Matthews Imports, Bell South, and the Downtown Athletic Club. Primes were donated by Saint Matthews Schwinn, Highland Cycle, Wick's Pizza, Taco Bell and The Louisville Wheelmen Racing Team. Organizational support came from Metro Parks, the Traffic Division of the Louisville Police Department, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

The Results

From a results standpoint, the members of our Junior Squad carried the day with Matt Glaser and Mary Plant winning their events on both days but a number of Louisville Wheelmen Racing Team members turned in good results.

SATURDAY: Jr. Women 17–18, 1-Mary Plant, 2-Julie Thomas, 3-Rachel Spitler, 5-Christie Johnson; Jr Men 15–16, 1-Mat Glaser, 4-Nat Campbell, 6-Rob Evans; Women 35+, 3-Aurilla Lesley, 5-Barbara Berman; Sr Women 1,2,3, 6-Rachel Spitler, 7-Julie Thomas; Men 35+, 6-Jeff Allums.

SUNDAY: Jr Men 10–12, 1-Christian Wenger; Jr Men 15–16, 1-Mat Glaser, 8-Brent Owens, 9-Nat Campbell, 10-Ross Davis; Jr Women 17–18, 1-Mary Plant, 3-Rachel Spitler, 4-Julie Thomas, 5-Christie Johnson; Junior Men 17–18, 5-Josh Schuler, 7-John Breslin, 12-Brad Davis, 13-Greg Impellizzeri; Men 35+, 5-Jeff Allums; Senior Men Cat 1 & 2, 17-Harry Clark; Sr Women Cat 1,2,3, 9-Rachel Spitler, 10-Julie Thomas, 15-Cheryl Brawner; Sr Women Cat 4, 7-Julie Leachmen, 8-Aurilla Lesley. Congratulations to all!

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