Louisville Bicycle Club

Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- July-August 1996


by Don Williams, ECI #253

I've never seen YOU out here before, this commuter turned and said to me, ME, a bicycle commuter and active club member.

Admittedly I was leaving work earlier than usual for a day where I cycle to work, so I was in the 5 PM flight of workers fleeing downtown. This unknown cyclist actually had a sense of ownership to Market Street, HIS street. He faked off the traffic lights, legally, at the Stockyards by riding a short block further then cutting back to beat me under the viaduct at Baxter. We exchanged pleasantries when I caught up, and when he pulled off at the Brewery, maybe a volleyball fan, I asked if he was okay, since he was looking closely at his rear wheel.

No space-age polymer, no spandex shorts or clipless pedals, on this steel framed, generator-equipped machine, it was pure commuter, pure utility, an elegance in its simplicity. Toe straps and tenny's, this guy is one of hundreds we continue to see riding on their own, miles and miles every day. No need to join our club, because we won't come out and ride to work with him every day, or will we?

Maybe the public at large and our club members as well need to be reminded that our advocacy efforts are there to keep our roads available to cyclists. Education is to keep motorists aware of our rights, and hopefully guide the next generation. Bike Handling is there to teach technique and make new riders aware of the thrill and responsibilities of riding in traffic under more power than just their right foot.

We can sit by and quietly ride on through the season, after all its lots of fun, or, maybe we can all promote our sport by our actions as responsible cyclists and road users. No one else will do it if we don't. This isn't brain surgery and we don't have to call a council meeting to make it happen, we just have to remember to have fun, responsibly! Three abreast doesn't make friends on crowded roadways, blowing off stop signs, or worse yet, traffic signals doesn't either.

How can we advocate road use if we consider ourselves exempt from basic traffic laws? Now, where can we begin?

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