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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- July-August 1996

Cherokee Park Loop

by Mary Margaret Williams, ECI

Believe it or not: cyclists are safer when they act as motor vehicles. Yes, even in the Cherokee Park Loop!

On my commute home from work one evening, I waited for Don at the top of hill #1 so we could ride home together. As I sat by the roadway, I observed a disturbing sight. Almost every cyclist out at that time, came up the hill on the pedestrian side.

Everyone who rides in the pedestrian lane has their own personal argument on why they choose to ride there: cars go too fast, someone yelled at me, it is safer on the pedestrian side, I don't have to worry about cars.... Sounds very logical, or does it?

Well let's go ahead and ride in the pedestrian loop. So follow me. We're making our way to the top of hill #1 and decide we don't want to go around the traffic island. Instead we will just go into the car lane for a second.... Oh, here comes a car, OOPS!

Now, we are riding about 17-20 miles per hour traveling down a curvy hill, oh, coming up the hill are several inline skaters, filling the entire lane... OOPS! Now, how about the entire Monday evening bike handling class of anywhere from 30-50 riders, travel in one big group down the hill in the pedestrian lane. Here comes a walker, a runner, a dog, OOPS!

Now, you make the choice.

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