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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- July-August 1996

What Is A SAG Stop

by Carol Leist

I'm sure there are many experts who can describe the historical significance of the term SAG. But I'm just as sure that the term has developed a new meaning over the past few years under the guidance of Brenda Palmer. Anyone who has recently been on the Old Kentucky Home Tour might come up with some of the following definitions: smiling faces (rain or shine!), wonderful and plentiful food (and more food and more food...), refreshing water and lemonade (200-300 gallons of water and lemonade for a few hundred thirsty riders), a few surprises (what costumes will I see at the next SAG stop?), a sympathetic ear (I know that was a tough hill, but you did great!), wisdom (yes, the hills at the end of the 100-mile ride really are as bad as they say they are!), and much more.

So, what skills are required for the people who provide SAG support? Can you smile? Can you serve food with a smile? Can you pour lemonade with a smile? Can you listen to all of these silly bike riders with a smile? If you can answer yes to most of these questions, then YOU are qualified to provide SAG support.

If you (or someone you know) would like to be part of the fun of the Old Kentucky Home Tour, call Carol Leist at 491-9368 or Brenda Palmer at 267-9175 and volunteer! We welcome riders and non-riders. And don't be surprised if we call you first!

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