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Louisville Bicycle Club Newsletter -- July-August 1996

1997 Senior Olympics

The are two different ways to qualify for the 1997 US National Senior Sports Classic VI (Senior Olympics) to be held in Tucson, NM, May 21-28, 1997. The 5K and 10K time trial qualification will be in Elizabethtown, KY, September 26-29. Placing first, second or third in either event will qualify you for both time trial events in Tucson. The registration deadline is September 1st. For a registration form call the Elizabethtown Convention and Tourism Bureau at (800) 437-0092. The Kentucky games are open only to residents age 50 by September 1, 1996. The state coordinator is Bailey Gore (502) 753-8509.

Kentucky will not hold road race qualifying events. You may qualify by two avenues. Go to another state holding open games and a road race by December 31, 1996. The second method is to enter and finish two 20K or greater road races between Jan. 1st and Dec. 31st 1996. You will need to have it documented by a race official or clip the results from a publication. Mail a copy with your name, address, phone number and birthdate to the national office (see below).

The national events will be run by the US National Sports organization, (314) 878-4900, 12520 Olive Blvd., St. Louis MO 63141. All events will be run by age and gender. If you are confused or still have questions please contact Aurilla Lesley at 267-7314 after August 14th.

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